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Dear New York

“This is a love letter to you and how you brought us together. Only in a city as electric as this could we bring you a place as eclectic as this. ”

Beastie Boys, 2005

Just like you, we dream of ditching work to sip rose in the park and of hot summer nights all year long. We hope you’ll come and be a part of what we are – a place to celebrate life with what we know best – food and drink (crazy delicious food and drink, to be exact).

People keep asking who we are and where our name came from. Well, here it is – it was through a series of inspirations that are downtown New York: a history of street art, design, music, our 19th-century brick and mortar, and an abstract approach to be whoever we wanted to be, without boundaries. We are cooking food that is meaningful to us and delicious, and we are careful not to label ourselves. Sure, there are jazz roots in hip-hop, graffiti roots in Warhol, Basquiat and Haring, and Italian roots in our space, but overall we hold above all else a deep-seeded ideal to be creative and provide a welcoming place for you all to eat. Charlie Bird means New York.

Our space is local, spreading from the inside out; we’re organic in our approach and our delivery. Our team’s background is complex and while we hail from some of the finest dining establishments in the world, we just want to be your favorite, neighborhood joint.

The menu comes from New York’s farmer's markets, Long Island fishing boats, country fields and the wondrous meanderings of spirited travelers with passionate palates. We’re crushing seafood, roasted meats, crazy good wine and creamy espresso. Our wine list is broad enough for you to come by and enjoy wine with us every night or, you can be a baller and order something you can’t get anywhere else in the world. We’re Italian influenced, American executed and entirely New York.

Built For You, By You


Robert & Ryan

This is the duo you want in your corner at all times. Whether its a market-driven menu, or a wine list that beats all wine lists, look no further than these two hospitality pioneers.


Grant has the enviable combination of a killer taste in wine and a knack for hospitality that will warm up even the chilliest curmudgeon. Charmed, we’re sure.


Peter is where a laid-back attitude and a meticulous attention to detail come together. He is a master of all trades, with a killer jump shot.


This guy knows more about hip-hop than you could ever dream of. Beyond being our most famous bartender and server, Charlie curates Charlie Bird's insanely good playlist.


There's a reason we call her The Gatekeeper. She controls everything and anything that happens within our walls and without her, we'd simply be lost.


Arvid has all the answers to your wine questions. Winner of the World's Best Sommelier 2016, this brilliant guy won't hesitate to impart some fascinating wine wisdom.


Moe is the spark to our fire, the oil to our chain, the spoke to our wheels, the wheat to our pasta, the milk to our cappuccino...need we say more?

Private Events

Private Dining

An Intimate Private Dining Room Is Available For Up To 14 Guests.

The Entire Restaurant Is Available For Larger Events. Contact Us.

Click Here For Events At Our Sister Restaurant, Legacy Records.



Give The Gift Of Charlie Bird & Dine With Us.



5 King Street NY, NY 10012
Dinner// 5:30-11pm Sun-Thu // 5:30pm-12am Fri & Sat
Lunch// 12-3pm Mon-Fri
Brunch// 11:30am-3pm Sat & Sun
In-between menu available every day, 3-5:30pm!



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